Pre-Splicers and Processing Control Equipment

Pre Splicers (for negative and positive before processing)

  • M.3-35mm Darkroom Splicer (INC82/a)

  • M.3-16mm Darkroom Splicer (INC82/b)

Quality Control and Handling Equipment

  • Scratch Finder (Stand Alone Cat. PH116-A)

  • FSC FilmStroboChecker Digitally Evolved (Cat. CINE4D)

  • FSC FilmStroboChecker Accessories:
    - SOS Automatic Scratch Detector (Cat. PH116-B)

  • Autochecker 35 DLX (Cat. CINE9)

Infrared Viewing Equipment

  • DSS42 Darkroom Surveillance System (Cat. PH95-B)

  • OrangeLED Lamp (Cat. PH102-F)