Film Splicers


Splicers for Film Before Processing (Adhesive Tape)

  • M.3-16mm Darkroom (INC82/b)

  • M.3-35mm Darkroom (INC82/a)

Splicer for Negative Film (Adhesive Tape)

  • M.3-35mm Negative Special (INC34)

  • M.3-35mm Neg./2Frames Special (INC44/a)

Splicers for Projection and Editing (Adhesive Tape)

  • M.3-16mm Special (INC47/B-SMC)

  • M.3-16mm 2T Special (INC47/A-SCM)

  • M.3-16mm 2T Double Perf. Special (INC48)

  • M.3-17,5mm (INC15)

  • M.3-35mm Special (INC51/B-SCM)

  • M.3-35mm 2T Special (INC51/A-SCM)

  • M.3-35mm Pos/2Frames Special (INC44/b)

  • M.3-35mm Cinemascope Special (INC19)

  • M.3-70mm Special (INC20)

Splicer for Archive/Video-Transfert

  • M.3-35mm Pos/2Frames Special (INC44/b)

  • M.3-16mm Special (INC47/B-SMC)

  • M.3-35mm Archive (INC56)

  • M.3-35mm Neg./2Frames Special (INC44/a)

  • 9,5mm Pathè (INC2)

  • 8mm (INC1)

  • Super 8 (INC3)

  • MAC2-35mm Cement Splicer (CINE1) (Available for 16mm, 9,5 Pathe, 8mm and Super8)

  • Perforation Reconditioner set  NEW!

Special format splicers

  • M.3 Super35 Smart Card Film Splicer

  • M.3-16mm Microfilm (INC22)

  • M.3-35mm Microfilm (INC23)

Special Film Splicing Tapes

  • SPC pre-splicing adhesive tapes

  • Editing adhesive tapes