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CIR Maxi-Winder 6000 Feet (High Speed Film Rewinder Cat. CINE2-B)

The Maxi-Winder has been developed for darkroom-operation  to splice and assemble raw stock ends up to 1800 meter reels (6000 feet) to minimize the loss of material.

The Maxi-Winder automatically and quickly rewinds up to 6000 feet film maintaining always a constant tension at an average rate of 1200 ft per minute.

In few seconds a perfectly tight batch of up to 6000 feet!

· ·The general tension can be easily adjusted with a manual regulator.

·The obtained batch is always perfectly tight. 

·A practical shelf between the 2 plates contains in ergonomic position the ultrasonic adhesive tape film-splicer.



Film Rewinder-Cleaner (Cat. CINE5)

Cleans and winds up perfectly tight your negative in one only operation!

  • Automatically rewinds and cleans up to 2000 feet of negative or positive 16/35  film as much quickly as its safety requires 

  • The winding speed, settable for each different film format is totally safe for old and archive film.

  • The two CPU controlled motors wind smoothly the film ensuring always perfectly tight batches.

  • During the wind-up operations  the four PTR in line clean softly both film surfaces from dust and dirtiness.

  • Loading-unloading operations are simple and quick; the PTR rollers are easily removable, to be washed when needed.

  • On option the digital counter (feet/frames-meters-total frames-time code).


Cine5 with Ph116A onScratch Finder  is available on option as Optical Version (Cat.116-C) to enhance through an infrared CCTV system any scratch or fault on both film surfaces or as Stand Alone Version (Cat.116-A) to detect and stop them automatically.



Rewinding Table 35/16mm

Unidirectional Motorized/Manual film transport  (Cat. CINE6)

Bidirectional Manual film transport  (Cat. CINE6-B)

Bidirectional Motorized/Manual film transport  (Cat. CINE6-C)


  Designed in collaboration with the specialists of Istituto Luce  and Cinecittà labs  in order to improve the important phases of film-restoration. Is a variable and gradual speed film transport, ideal for old archive film.


  • Special new variable set of rollers 35mm and 16mm ready.

  • 600 mt standard plates (different measures on request).

  • Central diaphanoscope - Glove box - Film spool shelves.

  • 110/220VAC 60/50Hz 5A Max.

  • Dimensions (centimetres): H80 desktop level (+20 top standard shelf) - W130 - D80 (handles retracted)


Accessories available on option:    

Universal Digital Counter (CAT.CINE6-1) This accessory, composed by a special sprocket for 16/35mm  “retired film” compatible, gives in real time the total frames and footage counted position of the film.

LED lamp with adjustable clutch arm (CAT.CINE6-2) Special white 64 LED lamp with 5 dioptres lens useful when a film surface enhanced visual analysis is necessary. Its clutched arm is freely adjustable for the most comfortable use.

Microscope Film Vision System (Cat.CINE6-3) This special accessory enlarges onto the monitor screen the operative area maintaining free both hands for an easy use. A special IR camera enhances the fault on the film surface otherwise roughly invisible.

Strobe Unit (CAT.CINE6-4) This accessory gives a perfectly clear vision of the whole frame area steady and flicker free independently from the transport speed. It is composed by a special stand mounted camera, a LED stroboscopic light and a special video processing unit that ensures, thanks to its “retired film” ready 16/35mm sprocket wheel, the perfect timing for showing the film on the monitor.